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Ever wanted to make professional video tutorials using your iPhone for your business, social media, and youtube but not sure where to start? 

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With BIGVU, everyone is a Video Maker

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BIGVU Social Video Maker
– Export to Youtube to insert in your vlog. Monitor your audience on Youtube creator studio
– Export to your phone camera roll
– Upload to BIGVU Cloud , BIGVU cloud online video maker to create a video complete slideshow with photos, videos and captions.


Note, there is a free trial and when you sign up for the subscription, BIGVU remove the watermark off the videos so you can add your own logo!

BIGVU Teleprompter helps you remember your lines while recording your video

Ever wanted to create pro-quality video in minutes with a teleprompter, automatic subtitles, and replace the background using a green screen?

Are you tired of looking on the side of the camera reading of the script? Well welcome to the perfect solution for all those youtubers, vloggers and online tutorial creators out there!

BIGVU Teleprompter helps you remember your lines while recording your video, and with our video composition tool, mix up your presentation with visuals. BIGVU transforms photos, video shots, and tweets into stunning video sequences.